Who are Dance Crazy?

Dance Crazy are a Club of around 130 people who come together to enjoy modern linedancing.
Established in March 1999 & formally 'The Southern Hotshots' we updated our Club name in 2012.
This March, 2022, our Club will be 23 years old but some of our dancers have been dancing over 25 years or more.
Our members range in age from 5-85, are male and female and come from all walks of life.
The most noticable thing people comment on when meeting us - is the fun aspect. We always enjoy ourselves no matter where we go or what we do.

We love travelling to other venues and meeting new dancers from other clubs as well as visiting friends in other counties all over Ireland and beyond.
People enjoy the get togethers for a variety of reasons, mainly for the dancing but also for the music, the excercise and of course the oppertunity to meet a host of new people and make new friends.
There are well over 500 line dancers in Cork alone, so when we get together we always have a brilliant time either running social nights, fancy dress and theme nights, charity events, weekends away and even dance holidays abroad.
The club has an excellent social calendar.

Why Linedancing?

With linedancing the fun and social aspects are the number one priorities.
Everyone loves to dance and there are dances to suit all tastes, that combined with great music, the chance to meet hundreds of new people, constant social events, an enjoyable way to keep fit, plus the fact that you don't need a partner make linedancing a very popular hobby for a lot of people.
Anyone can learn! Modern Linedancing incorporates all styles of music way beyond it's country roots. Today dancers dance to pop, latin, Irish, Salsa, R&B, hip hop - in fact anything goes!
if it's got a rhythm it's got a dance to it!

During lessons your instructor will go through the steps slowly and clearly and after a few weeks, once the basic steps are mastered, you will be amazed at how quicky you pick up the new dances.

As an instructor I have seen how linedancing has improved peoples health, confidence & social skills, increased their circle of friends, not to mention the happiness I see on their faces when they are doing something they enjoy so much.

More than anything... It is a LOT OF FUN!