As Spain Week has grown to such a large event, it is no longer possible for me to meet everyone personally at the airport as I used to do.
It is now up to everyone attending to make their own way to the venue & a few of the most popular options are listed below.

Option 1: *Prefered Option*
Taxi Transfer. This is our recommended option & it's been tried & tested over the years to be the absolute BEST option for a no hassle 15 minute car ride to the hotel.
When you exit the terminal in Malaga airport, the taxi rank is on the right hand side of the building. Simply take the 15 minute cab ride to the Bajondillo Apartments, Torremolinos 
- los apartamentos Bajondillo - in Spanish. A cab to the hotel usually costs around €20 / €25. Check for other dancers on your flight & you can conveniently split the cost!

Option 2:
Coach Transfer. If you wish to avail of the free coach transfer service, please let me know when sending your flight details to finalise the booking with some extra information.
Flight number / Arrival Date / Arrival Time / Airport you're travelling from (e.g. Cork / Dublin / Manchester etc.)
I will arrange the Free coach transfer service for you with the Hotel. When you land in Malaga Airport simply go to the coach reps on the right hand side in the arrivals hall,
& find the one holding up the sign for The Bajondillo Apartments. They will guide you to the coach & bring you to the hotel.

Option 3:
Train Transfer: At Malaga Airport, make your way to the train station straight across in front of the terminal.
The Train to Torremolinos Central costs about €2 Euro & you then take the lift down to the hotel. We ONLY reccomend this option if you know Torremolinos well
& know the location of the lift. Information on train transfer can be found HERE

Of the three above options we highly recomend the Taxi service. It's fast, easy and stress free and you will be to the hotel in 15 minutes.
With the coach service, you could be on board for up to an hour or more as they wait on other flights to arrive in to fill the coach. You then have to do a circuit of hotels
as everyone on board is dropped off at their destinations. It just adds more unnecessary stress to the beginning of your holiday.
The train service is fast & cheap but keep in mind there is a walk involved dragging your luggage from the train stop in Torremolinos to the lift & then onto the hotel.

Of all the options - everyone who has been to this event previously ALL recomend the TAXI SERVICE as the best for speed, comfort, reliability, safety
value for money and ease of transfer. It really is the absolute best way to start your holiday stress free.