Dance Crazy Event Policy.

Deposits: When booking an event with us, a deposit is required to secure your place. All deposit requirements are listed on the relevant booking forms for each event. Please be sure of the dates of the event and your ability to attend as all deposits are non refundable & non transferable. The deposits paid by you in respect of each event booked is accepted as the first installment of a full payment.

Balance Of Payments: The final balance must be paid in full 8 weeks prior to the event. This policy applies to ALL
Dance Crazy Events. The policy was put in place due to our partner venues now charging full price on all cancellations, up to & including, 14 days prior to an event. As our events sell out, the potentional cost to us of multiple unpaid cancellations could be considerable, and without this updated policy, we would be unable to provide future events for your enjoyment. Balances not paid by the due date may result in your booking being cancelled, and liability for any hotel charges being imposed on you.
It is essential to please make a note at the time of booking when the event balance is due. 

Cancellations: All deposits are non refundable or transferable once paid, however any payments over the required deposit are fully refundable prior to 14 days before an event. Please contact us immediately for a cash refund or the payment may be transfered to one of our other events at your request should you so wish.

Special Requests: We try our absolute best to ensure you have a fantastic time with us & endevor to meet any special requests you may have if you notify us on the booking form. However we do not own the hotel, which means we cannot directly control their standards or facilities. If you have a problem at the hotel it is vitally important that you raise this at the time with the hotel reception as they are in the best position to resolve your situation and act on our behalf to make sure you have the best care & attention. If however the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction by the hotel, please come and see us immediately to intervene on your behalf. We will try our best to rectify any problems quickly and to your requirements.

Unreasonable behavior: For the convenience & safety of our guests, we reserve the right to terminate a booking for any guest or their companions who might impair the enjoyment, comfort, health or safety of our other guests or staff. Defination of unreasonable behaviour is at the descretion of
Dance Crazy & Venue Management. Please drink responsibly, especially when in Spain.

Advertising:The information given in our leaflets, brochures and website about dates, times, itineraries, accommodation have been carefully checked and we believe it is correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to make changes and where they occur without notice, and will notify guests immediately of any changes. Other organisers are also requested to show common curtesy and not to harass, annoy or pressure our guests regarding other events or classes. We are more than happy to provide a space for any advertising material you may bring on behalf of yourself or others.
Simply let us know you wish to do so & we will be happy to help as has always been our policy.

Our venues: We research our venues thouroughly and we hope you agree it shows in our events! All of our venues we ensure are of the highest quality, service & value for money.

Bookings: For the safety & security of our guests, only bookings through
Dance Crazy may partake in our arranged events - Without Exception.
We will NOT honour any booking made through other parties or organisations unless they are a stated partner company & have our express permission.
If using
Dance Crazy Vouchers or are one of our competition winners, please let us know in advance by putting it on the relevant booking form.
This helps us a lot with allocating the relevant funds for the booking, thanks!

Most Importantly - We look forward to ensuring you have an absolutely fantastic, safe & fun filled time with us! Thankyou so much for supporting our Club & our Events.