Each year on the first Saturday in March, an amazing event in the linedance calendar takes place.
  An 8 hour dance marthon where dancers from different clubs come together to raise tens of thousands of euro for charity.

               The marathon has the proud distinction of being one of the largest charity Linedance events in Ireland
                                                    and the fundraising is so appreciated by the chosen charity.
                                     Over ten thousand euro can make a phenominal difference to so many lives.

                                 The 2023 Marathon is scheduled for March 4th in the Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow.
                                It's an all day event with linedancing late into the early hours of Sunday morning!

                        Please quote 'Line Dance Marathon' for special room rates if booking the hotel overnight.

                         For more information contact: Mary Shannon on 086 1645963 or Michael on 086 3298062.

                                                            For a printable application form click HERE.
Linedance Charity Fundraiser
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