Enjoy past issues of our Dance Crazy Magazine. The Magazine is currently on hold until we find more time to put into it.
                                        Issue 1
Dances Featured:
My Blue Tree, All in my head, love me like you, strip it down, cat's pajamas, confident, American dream, cliché love song, Honey IT, Tough Girl, Sundown, you don't own me
                                       Issue 2
Dances Featured:
Thinkin' Country, Sticks & Stones, Making History, Two Hearts, Fishing Wishing Kissing, Locklin's Bar, Save The Day, Slamming Doors, Ain't Misbehavin', Overloading, This Thing, Buttonz
                                        Issue 3
Dances Featured:
Chasing Shadows, Spanish Night, Troublemaker, Gerry's reel, Warpaint, Law Low, About Feelings, Better When I'm Dancing, Love Me Down, Pop That Lock, Shine, Kiss Me
                                      Issue 4
Dances Featured: Celtic horizon, You light my fire, Well do ya?, Sometimes, Stitches, A love to last, I never knew, Digital age, Is it too late, Whip it, Listen, Dangerously
                                        Issue 5
Dances Featured: Until the dawn, Baby kisses, Just dance dance dance, Mom the bomb, The queen, A little love trip, Solo amor, Not today, The fighter, Blue ain't your color, Corazon diamante, Girls like
                                        Issue 6
Dances Featured: Marlena, All you gotta do, Gypsy queen, Cheap cologne, Hello summer, Drift away, Some girls will, Bring on the night, Red dress Magic, Pieces, Stone cold, Recovering, Woman up, Grand master sexy, When you love someone
                                         Issue 7
Dances Featured: Line of fire, Found love, Happy happy happy, Boombox, Let it shine, CT shuffle, Vegas baby, Sounds good to me, Shady, Capsize, Meteorite, I came to love you, Take me to the river, Never give up, Say it again, Oops baby, Pom poms, No kisses
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